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It was during an emotionally dark time in her life that Chrys-Ann Ambrose finally discovered her passion and purpose in life.

Tired of her mundane ritualistic life, depression and thoughts of suicide plagued her and low self esteem and lack of self confidence only added to the emotional burden. Because of past hurts from unhealthy relationships and negative comments and criticism from people whose opinions she valued; feelings of worthlessness were her normal daily emotions. 

From the outside, Chrys-Ann seemed to have the perfect life as she went to the best schools, had a seemingly great job, was blessed financially and had a great husband and children. No one had any idea that beneath the surface was a broken woman filled with a hurricane of negative emotions built from the destructive words spoken to her by the very people whose duty it was to protect and nurture her.

Being called ugly, skinny, dumb and stupid became normal for her both at home and school and she was told on numerous occasions that she will never amount to anything much. She even recalls being called a vegetable by a teacher. The verbal and emotional abuse continued into her adult life when she dated a young man who barraged her with insults and emotional abuse. 

By the time that relationship ended, she totally lost sight of her identity and personality as she tried to no avail to become the perfect person to please him. After working so hard in the relationship to make him happy, he deposited more insults by telling her that she was boring and she lacked the qualities that he needed for a successful relationship.


What further confused her was the fact that the very people who meted out the degrading insults to her all her life were the very ones who further criticized her for not doing more with her life. How could these people convince her that she was never good enough for anything and at the same time expect her to believe that she could become a great success?

As worthless as she felt, Chrys-Ann was determined that she would NEVER allow her children to experience such pain so she plagued them with compliments, telling them that they were beautiful every day. As much as she was rough with them when they messed up, she was sure to let them know that they were loved and destined for greatness. She took pictures of them very often but felt like a hypocrite when they wanted to take photos of her because she never felt pretty enough for pictures.

Frustration was added to the list of destructive emotions as she had a burning desire to do more with her life but she had no idea what her purpose was and because of the voices from her past, fear of stepping out of her comfort zone to explore new avenues kept her stagnant. As a result of these overwhelming feelings, and unknown to her husband and two children, Chrys-Ann felt like she was just existing and not living, taking up valuable space on earth. 

Her breakthrough came when she was introduced to a business by her co-worker at the time. Being a part of this business, she was assigned mentors who introduced her to positive mental attitude books, audios and life changing conferences that taught her valuable life lessons and boosted her self-worth and esteem. It was here that Chrys-Ann discovered her passion for motivating others. In short, she regained her spark in life and went from merely existing to LIVING.

Over the years, Chrys-Ann has blossomed by leaps and bounds and is now an award nominated and best-selling author, certified life coach specializing in leading others to their purpose, and an international motivational speaker who has spoken on stages across the globe to include countries such as England and Dubai.

Through her books, online trainings, conferences, life coaching and master classes, she teaches women to not only discover their identity and purpose in life but to prepare themselves for success by practicing specific success habits that she has developed and personalized. 

Her women's conference, appropriately named Recharge: Body, Mind & Spirit, teaches women to do just that. In a lively and entertaining forum, women are challenged to take a break from the pressures of life for the day and relax while they are replenished with teachings of self value, confidence and health from a wholistic perspective.

Chrys-Ann has made it her life's mission to ensure that every woman she comes in contact with will be given the tools to ensure that they live a meaningful life of purpose and passion. She is adamant that no woman should ever endure a life of worthlessness like she did as long as she offers them the much needed tools to ignite the spark of living that will light their world, thereby lighting the way for others.

She urges women to stay true to their personality and identity as we are all uniquely and wonderfully made with our special purpose and gifts that fit together to make the world a beautiful place.



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