What the People Say

"...I found she was speaking directly to me, as if she knew me"


I attended a workshop with Chrys-Ann in London and when I listened to her I found she was speaking directly to me, as if she knew me.  She went in deep on the area of procrastination, one of my biggest problems, and actually led me to discover the root fear behind it. Needless to say, I was challenged to change. Thank you Chrys-Ann, your workshop has got me finally moving in the right direction.

Danielle Loren


"A trusted individual who can truly create a positive impact "


Chrys-Ann Ambrose has been such an inspiration and motivator to me as an aspiring independent woman. Not only through her book, Operation Game Plan, but also through her women's conferences and master classes. She presents herself as a trusted individual who can truly create a positive impact on the lives of others.

Netisha Alie


"Chrys-Ann leaves you feeling like a rock star"


Everyone loves Chrys-Ann Ambrose! She has an authenticity that's refreshing.  Her inspiring words move the audience and stir people's hearts.  Attending her women's conference is one of the BEST investments you can give yourself.  You leave energized, motivated and empowered.  Her book Operation Game Plan belongs in everyone's library who is serious about success.  Chrys-Ann is an amazing speaker, teacher and motivator.  The expert advice and trainings she presents leaves teams and audiences feeling like rock stars prepared to face new opportunities in life.

Brenda L. Cotto

Success Coach

"Practical and informative, appealing to a diverse audience "


Chrysalis - A name befitting not only the individual brain child, Chrys-Ann Ambrose, but her objective.  It conveys transformation: the intention - to transform lives by targeting mindsets whether related to our physical, emotional or spiritual being. 

Her conferences 'Mind Your Focus' and 'You Can Do It All Through Balance' targeted a holistic life approach catering to the wellbeing of women.  

Her master classes on goal setting and Mastering Your Money complimented one another and were both practical and informative. 

Her style and approach is appealing to a diverse audience.

Cherissa Roberts-Thomas

Law Attorney

"Great to work with and so encouraging"


I had the pleasure of speaking on the same platform as Chrys-Ann out in Dubai several months ago.

I have to say I am pleased I didn't have to go on after her, as well as being a captivating  Speaker, she absolutely encouraged me to go higher in my own work. Keep inspiring Chrys

Jacky Phillips

Author and Relationship Coach

"I know its time for me to stop doubting...."


I sat and listened as Chrys-Ann was speaking at the Women's Empowerment Workshop I was attending.  

As I zoned in on her story, I realized I had to stop doubting myself and start believing instead.  I've decided to feel the fear but do it anyway. 

She really inspired me and made think everything is possible,  just believe. So glad I attended the Workshop

Gizelle Domingo

Hospitality Manager.