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Are You Ready to Get Your Book Published?


We are here to help you finally attain your dream of becoming a published author. 

It no longer has to be a pipe dream but it can be a true reality.  

We will work with you from  the inception of your book idea, writing your manuscript, to getting it out to the world for everyone to read.  

The best thing about it all is that we have used all our best resources  and endeavours to bring this to you at a truly affordable price.


Take a look at our amazing packages and get yours today.

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We are Passionate about Books


Not only do we pride ourselves on the  excellence of quality we are able to provide; and that we ensure fantastic value to our clients; but we just absolutely love what we do.  

Books are our passion and we cannot wait to work with you to publish your Dream Book.  

We believe you are here today because you desire to write your book and we agree, you absolutely should. Let us give you that permission you seek. You are an author just waiting to be released.



This Classic package, which suits even the keenest budget, gives you all you need to get your book fully edited, a  high quality professionally designed cover, professional formatting for online purchase as well as for paperback. This will get your book up for sale on Amazon and available to a global audience.


(Easy Pay Instalments Available)



This is our standard and one of our popular  packages. It  covers everything from providing a full edit of your manuscript, a professional designed cover for your book, set up for online purchase on Kindle and paperback via Amazon to a worldwide audience.

 As well as that, we help you plan a promotion campaign 

It provides full promotion and a marketing campaign  for both you and your book.n so that even before your book is published you have a list of people ready and eager to buy your book.


Marketing your book is key as you don't want your masterpiece to sit on the shelf unopened.  With our counsel and advice that will not be your story.  

It all starts as soon as you  let us have your manuscript and we will get to work straight away.  We will lay out the plan step by step to your success.


Everything is done in strict collaboration with you the author.  You are in charge. 

(Easy Pay Instalments Available)



This is our top of the line service that gives you  a full and comprehensive edit of your manuscript including structure and development.

This includes a professional and unique  top quality cover design for your book.  

This provides for print version and digital version.


Included is a full promotion and a marketing campaign  for both you and your book. 

We help you to build your personal brand and your professional brand

It provides specific press releases for your book to the right news sources both locally and internationally including United States of America and London, UK 

Here again all you need to do is send your manuscript, allow us to get to work and get ready for your press coverage and invitations to speak on your book.


(Easy Pay Instalments Available)




Nothing says Success like being able to call yourself a "best selling author". 

Here at  Dream Book Publishing we can help you do just that. 

This Package can be bought as an add-on to any of the other above packages for the  price of US$400. 

Increase your visibility and your perceived value with this achievement.


Get Ready for your Bright Future as an Author and an Influencer.


We at Your Dream Book Publishers are proud to collaborate with you.


(Easy Pay Instalments Available)